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Step International services is a place for students who want to conduct studies and internships abroad with the best countries.

we strive to build high integrity for students or partners who want to work together. With all the integrity and best service. Many students who have achieved success with Step International Service, check the video and register yourself right now!

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STEP opens opportunities for all high school / vocational / equivalent graduates to continue their S1 / Bachelor education at universities in Taiwan, where general information can be found on our website.

General Requirements :

  1. Minimum students (High School / Vocational Graduates and equivalent)
  2. Max Age 24 years old
  3. Have a Passport
  4. Student Visa
  5. KK/KTP
  6. Diplomas and Transcripts
  7. Physically and spritually healthy

Major (A1 Mandarin Certificate)  Located in Tainan City :

  1. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  2. Department of Aircraft Maintenance
  3. Department of Marketing and Distribution Management
  4. Department of Multimedia Games and Industrial Development

Major ( A1 Mandarin Certificate and 1+4 Program )  Located in Taoyuan city :

  1. Department Aeronautical Optics and Mechatronics
  2. Department of Business Design
  3. Department Informatics Engineering and Informatics Management (1+4 Program)

Major, Located in Kaohsiung city :

  1. Department of Industrial Engineering & Management
  2. Department of Electrical Engineering


For more details, contact Hotline Step @ 082116016008




STEP opens opportunities for D3 and S1 students who are undergoing Diploma or S1 courses to take part in internship programs for 6 months or 1 year abroad in Taiwan.

General Requirements :

  1. Passport
  2. KTP/KK
  3. Student Card
  4. Bank Statement
  5. Record Student

Major :

  1. Tourism
  2. Hospitality
  3. F&B

For complete requirements and further info please contact Hotline Step @ 082116016008

As one of the requirements to continue education in Taiwan, it is mandatory to take a Mandarin language certificate.

Step provides short courses for Mandarin Level A1.

For more information, please Contact Hotline Step @ 082116016008


STEP also opens opportunities for prospective students who want to study S1 in Taiwan with a 1+4 Excellence Program, which is a program in the form of 1 year of learning Chinese and 4 years of lecture in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

General requirements :

  1. High School Graduated Students or Equivalent (SMA/SMK)
  2. Max age 24 years old
  3. MoU from school of origin
  4. Passport
  5. KK/KTP
  6. Education Certificate & Transcript

Major :

  1. Department of Industrial Engineering & Management
  2. Department of Electrical Engineering


For complete requirements and further info please contact Hotline Step @ 082116016008



STEP opens opportunities for S1 / University graduates to continue their studies to a higher level, namely S2 or Master Degree to study at a campus in Taiwan

General Requirements : 

  1. University Graduates
  2. Max 24 years old
  3. Passport
  4. KK/KTP
  5. Certificate of Education and Transcripts
  6. Have certidicate of TOEFL,TOEIC atau IELTS 

Major :

  1. Department of Environmental Toxins and Pollutants
  2. Department of Industrial Engineering and Management


For complete requirements and further info please contact Hotline Step @ 082116016008

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Step International Services makes it easy for you to register and join us, check the video beside the registration scheme. There is information on how to collect files, dates and other important information.



Step International Services

Step International Services

STEP International Services which was established in 2018 in Jakarta, is a continuation of an Education Consultant based in United Arab Emirates. Being a cross-cultural bridge and support for pursuing academics in the younger generation is our mission.

"Insure you vision with integrity" is our slogan. This precisely reflects our attitude and approach when providing services to students, their parents, and education partners.

Our experienced education counselors have prepared programs that will bridge students in finding courses, universities, and career opportunities according to their educational background, interests, talents and aspirations. Having an extensive network with education providers, especially overseas such as Taiwan, Japan, Australia and Middle East, we can suggest various choices and programs to meet the needs of students. The consultation process starts from choosing the Majors, finding the appropriate University, helping the registration process, arranging visa, until the completion of all administrative requirements including accommodation arrangements.


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